Well "Hello, World!"

Will be starting a new blog here, just erased some of my old ones.

And I cannot access my wordpress one(http://zeroincrement.wordpress.com/).

Have some problem with my old wordpress blog and that I have not accessed this blog in awhile (it was just like a test blog for me anyways) and wordpress did some updates that well caused complications, the original posts will be stale, the ones I copy here will be somewhat updated. I will mention on the copied updated articles which ones are from my old WP blog (well I won't be copying all the older articles) including the date originally published and the updates will just be written at it, maybe a comment or maybe whatever.

                                      Well "Hello, World!" 

And maybe post some of my old notes/articles from my pervious blogs then, that I have on backup, with some editing and updates whenever still possible, just for the record, and label it Previous


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