After a Stock Slackware Linux Install What to do?

After a Stock Slackware Linux Install, What to do?

Suggestions are:

1.) To read the announcements and other information in the official website - Slackware Linux Website.

2.) Read the SlackBook 2.0 at SlackBook, somewhat dated but it is free. There's been a project for a version 3.0 but as of this date that is still nothing but a dream. There is also the SlackWiki at and Slack-Docs at and highly recommended Alien's SlackBook at

3.) Check Dugan Chen's Blog site on how to install the Rute Linux Tutorial into your Slackware and other stuff. The tutorial is pretty old but is still pretty good, you can also not install it and just read it online at LINUX - Rute User's Tutorial and Exposition, 1st edition

4.) Suggest to check the slackpkg tool to easily update your base slackware packages at Slackpkg.

5.) Perhaps you want to enable your slackware to be multimedia able? See my article regarding it: "How to make Slackware Linux Multimedia Enabled" link here.  

6.) Go check the SlackBuilds website at, and their HOWTO use their website and slack build scripts at HOWTO at It's the best place to look for 3rd party software for Slackware.

7.) Suggest to check the sbopkg tool to easily use the site, it's at Sbopkg.

8.) Suggest to check the slackpkg+ tool to easily update 3rd party repos for slackware packages at Slackpkg+ (actually its more of a plugin that extends the function of slackpkg tool mentioned above at number 4).

9.) Go register at the LinuxQuestions (LQ) forum, its a very good forum for all Linux and other unix stuff, and has many sub-forums that cater to specific types of Linux Distributions, but not only does it cater to Slackware it is also the offically sanctioned forums for Slackware Linux.


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