How to repackage a .txz to a .tgz Slackware Installable Package

How to repackage a .txz to a .tgz Slackware Installable Package


$ cat file.txz | xz -cd | gzip > file.tgz


$ cat vlc-1.1.1-x86_64-1alien.txz | xz -cd | gzip > vlc-1.1.1-x86_64-1alien.tgz

this example repackages .txz to .tgz (But does nothing else, which means if the txz was a legal slackware linux package, converting it to tgz
will make the tgz version just like the txz version installable with installpkg tool)

*NOTE: Slackware packages typically end with file extensions .tgz and .txz(txz starting version 13) for installation with installpkg tool.

*NOTE: The only difference with the tgz from the txz, is the compression used, the tgz is just a typically tarball compressed with gz while the
txz is a tarball that uses LZMA compression, which greatly compresses the file size of the txz compared to the tgz.

*NOTE: One common reason to do this conversion is if one is using a slackware version prior to version 13, but the user/admin wants to use new
packages compressed into txz.

*NOTE: It's faster to install a tgz file compared to txz file, since the tgz extracts and installs faster and needs less RAM and resources, than the txz file type, however for the most part this speed comparison is negligible with most packages and with modern hardware, but it could still be an
issue to keep in mind depending on how many packages to install and how big they are, and if there is a time limit schedule to meet, in theory.


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