Download Flash Videos from Video Streaming Sites like youtube with Linux Command Line Apps

Download Flash Videos from Video Streaming Sites like youtube with Linux Command Line Apps

1.) with youtube-dl:

$ youtube-dl -cit "" 

- optional to download an entire playlist or channel, go to the desired playlist list or channel, and grab the url then paste in terminal:

$ youtube-dl -cit ""

- optional to download a custom list of video files, create a plain text/txt file and place all the YouTube links that you wish to download there, for example yt_foo_list.txt

$ youtube-dl -a yt_foo_list.txt

- optional to download the sound/music of the video to mp3 only:

$ youtube-dl -cit --extract-audio --audio-format mp3 ""

- optional to download a video in certain file type/resoluton format, use option "–list-formats" with the command

$ youtube-dl –list-formats "" 

- it will show you a list of formats with a corresponding video/resolution format code, that you can download in, choose from them, then to download a preferred file format from the list, use the option "-f", if flv was in the list and you want to save the file in that format, you then issue command

$ youtube-dl -f 34 ""

- where 34 is the video/resolution format code of flv, it will say in the available video formats list or the resolutions available of the same format, code will be mentioned at the left most side

- optional to download video in all available formats, issue command

 $ youtube-dl –all-formats "" 

2.) with get-flash-videos:

$ get-flash-videos ""

3.) with cclive:

$ cclive ""

4.) with movgrab:

$ movgrab ""

5.) with you-get

$ you-get ""

- Display the information of a video without downloading:

$ you-get ""

- Download multiple videos:

$ you-get "" ""

-  Force Re-download vidoes (This will overwrite any existing video or temporary file):
$ you-get -f ""

- Set the output directory for downloaded files:

$ you-get -o ~/Downloads you-get -f ""

- Use a specific HTTP Proxy for Downloading
(use this -y as option and proxy for downloading from

$ you-get -x ""

- Disable any proxy use  --no-proxy:

$ you-get --no-proxy ""

- Watch a video in your own video players of choice, like vlc and mplayer, to avoid uneccessary Ads.

$ you-get -p vlc ""


$ you-get -p mplayer ""

- To use any of the mentioned apps, they must be installed first
- youtube-dl, get-flash-videos, cclive, movgrab and you-get work in other sites as well not just youtube, for instance youtube-dl actually supports video download from several other sites like Dailymotion, Google Video, Photobucket, Facebook, Yahoo, Metacafe, Depositfiles and few more similar sites
- To upgrade youtube-dl do: $ youtube-dl -U
- youtube-dl can download from chinese websites like, but if it doesnt work try to upgrade it first, if it doesn't work, you can use the you-get console app instead which supports alot of websites including chinese websites and even including japanese websites like niconico


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