Installing Binaries from Archlinux Packages into Slackware

Installing Binaries from Archlinux Packages into Slackware


- Sometimes you just want to use a quick and lazy binary in Slackware for whatever reason, Arch Linux uses the same vanilla apps just like slackware and uses the same format of a tarball compressed in xz, best of all they have updated packages, just make sure you have the dependencies or install the necessary dependencies already.

- To use a package from Archlinux Packages, search and choose the package/s, then download

- pkgtool in Slackware can install this package by the typical command installpkg, but it will say some error if you install it as is, even if the package is vanilla stock and with the same tarball and compression, to workaround this, change the file extension of the package, for example: foo_pkg.tar.xz to foo_pkg.txz

- Install with installpkg command:

$ sudo installpkg foo_pkg.txz

- And it should install, I've done this a bunch of times, especially when I can't find other quick install solutions from other repos for binaries or various slackbuild scripts are problematic and building from source is problematic, this is the fastest lazy hack to install packages, removing the package is the same as using the removepkg command from pkgtool.

- That's all.


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